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Cash Balance Plans

Maximize your retirement savings while minimizing taxes with the power of cash balance and defined benefit pension plans.

Reducing taxes while increasing retirement savings should be an intriguing idea for high net worth business owners and partners.

你是一个想要额外省税的企业主吗? 在你的公司里,是否有高管想为退休存更多的钱,而不是你目前的401(k)或利润分享计划所允许的限额? Or perhaps you’re a small business owner looking to accelerate your retirement savings. 如果是这样,那么考虑现金余额计划.


现金余额计划是一种退休计划,它结合了固定收益计划和固定缴款计划的特点,为符合条件的员工提供退休时的特定福利. 比如固定缴款计划, such as a 401(k), it provides participants with an easy to understand benefit through an annual statement of their cash balance account value.


现金余额计划与401(k)利润分享计划结合使用,以最大限度地提高企业主的退休储蓄和税收减免. 不像401(k)计划, 现金余额计划中的所有资产均来自雇主, 资产集中,投资由雇主指导和保证.


对于许多成功的企业主来说, the contribution limits of a 401(k) alone may not be enough to achieve retirement savings goals. 加入现金余额计划会有所帮助.

Employees benefit too with a guaranteed company contribution to their retirement account.


  1. Taxes: Many business owners and partners feel they are paying too much in income tax. A cash balance plan allows them to put more into retirement than a traditional 401(k) plan, 减少应纳税所得额.

  2. 组合:现金余额计划在与401(k)和利润分享计划结合时效果最好,这可以让企业主和员工为退休储蓄更多.

  3. 合格:这是一个符合美国国税局规定的固定收益退休计划.

  4. Retirement Savings: Americans aren’t ready for retirement and the Boomer generation feels it the most as they approach retirement age. Cash Balance Plans allow older business owners a way to accelerate their personal retirement savings.

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Cash Balance Plans can be offered in addition to other company-sponsored retirement plans like a 401(k), 利润分成计划或简单个人退休账户计划. If you're seeking to add a Cash Balance Plan before this year's December 31 deadline, 你需要在10月15日之前开始,这比你想象的要容易. 以下是它与克尔ag真人在线手机版(Kerr Wealth Management)的合作:

  • 真人在线棋牌,我们会寄给你一份表格(称为人口普查模板). 人口普查模板包括员工工资等信息, date of birth, date of hire, 所有权信息. 填好表格后把它寄回给我们, 连同您现有401(k)计划的领养协议副本.

  • 精算师会准备一份说明,说明在公司的401(k)计划中加入现金余额计划可以为你的具体业务做些什么, 包括具体的成本和收益. 一旦你有了这些信息,你就可以决定是否要继续前进了.

  • 如果你决定你想开始一个现金余额计划, we will work with you and an actuary to coordinate plan documents that integrate with your existing 401(k). Documents must be signed by December 31 in order to get the tax savings for this year. You won't have to put any money into the plan until you file your annual taxes next year.

*Cash Balance Plan investments can fluctuate in value which may offset plan contributions and tax deductions. I.e. 根据投资的波动,该计划可能资金过剩或资金不足. It is important to discuss investment allocations with your investment advisor and plan actuary.

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